Friday, May 29, 2009

What does the future hold?

Is there anything better than summer? The opportunities seem absolutely endless with the two long months ahead. One of it's amazing qualities is its ability to inspire you to try new things! One of the adventures my friends and I decided to embark on yesterday..was going to a psychic! We came to the conclusion while we were lounging around, that we all were extremely curious as to what the future held! I'll be the first to admit that as we anxiously awaited Helen, the psychic, at the door our nerves certainly kicked in, but the outcome was so worth it! As she ushered us in, one by one, she comforted my anxiety by reading what she sees is to come. What is my future you may ask? Well you will have to wait and see...but in honor of our visit, I came across these modern-day fashionista psychic outfits. Maybe its stereotypical but they give off a certain vibe to me. I think I'm seeing them in their future. Future outfits found at: (P.S. Spain countdown-11 days!)

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